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When your pool is being used . . .


SUPERVISION of the pool is the most important safety consideration.


When children are in or near the pool, designate a .Water Watcher.. Use the .Water Watcher. tag to identify the person who will be responsible for watching the pool. Maintain constant visual contact with the children in the pool.


NEVER leave a child alone in the pool or spa, even for one second.


Do not allow diving from the side or shallow end of the pool.


Keep a telephone near the pool when it is in use. In the case of an emergency, CALL 911.


Keep toys, especially tricycles, big wheels, etc., away from the pool. Remove all inflatable like tubes, rafts and beach balls from the pool after each use.


Do not allow swimming in an unlighted pool at night.

When your pool is not being used...


Make sure all fence gates and doors leading to the pool area are self-closing and self-latching with latches above a childís reach.


Restrict a childís access to the pool when it cannot be properly supervised. Keep doors and gates that lead to the pool area closed and locked. Consider the use of an approved safety cover or non-climbable fence.


Drain standing water from safety pool covers.


Keep chairs and other items children can climb on away from pool fences and gates.

What you can do to be prepared...


Teach all children to swim, but remember it does not make them drown-proof.


Parents, guardians, babysitters and anyone over the age of 14 should know CPR and update their skills every year.


Teach children how to dial the emergency phone number.


Have a professional pool service technician perform an annual pool safety inspection.

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  Swim at your own risk this is only a guide!


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